Your pool is special because it’s a place to share wonderful memories with your family and friends. It’s also a fun place to relax in the heat here in Phoenix! Pool replastering is one way ensure that your pool remains your very own personal retreat. If you’ve noticed areas of your pool becoming rough and patchy, you may want to look into replastering your pool. Plaster is key to your pool’s structure, so it’s important to know the signs for when your pool needs to be replastered. Keep reading to find out whether or not your pool needs replastering.

Plaster Looks Worn

Plaster is what prevents water from reaching the core of your pool. As a result, it should be waterproof. That’s why if you notice any damage, you’ll want to contact professionals in Phoenix for pool replastering. Chipping and cracking are all signs that warrant a call. Don’t be fooled into thinking that what appears to be minor damage doesn’t need to be fixed. Even small or thin scratches call for the plaster liner to be redone. Fortunately, this is an easy job.

Freshening Up Your Pool

Another reason to replaster your pool doesn’t involve damage at all. If you want something new and would like to change the color of your plaster, that is a perfectly valid reason to have your pool replastered. Just remember that the color of your plaster will affect how water looks in your pool. Depending on your plaster color, your pool water may look deep blue, light blue, or green.

Altering Plaster Texture

Another popular remodeling decision is to change the texture of the plaster. This can be for cosmetic reasons simply because you desire a change. It may also be necessary due to damage caused by acidic pool cleaners that have eroded your pool’s plaster. If the plaster gets too jagged, this can even be dangerous to anyone swimming in your pool.

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