Not everyone needs a Divorce Attorney in Pottstown PA, but the fact is that amicable divorces are few and far between. A number of divorces might begin as amicable, with both parties saying that they want it to be quick and easy. Often, both parties view it as an important goal to avoid legal fees and major court costs. This is good in theory, but once things like property division are discussed, all the intentions to make the divorce an amicable one may go straight out the window. If the following situations exist, it is probably a good idea to contact a divorce lawyer as soon as possible.

If Property Division is Full of Anger

Property division is commonly the single most contentious part of any divorce. It is rare to find a divorce that does not see at least some degree of disagreement over property division. In the ideal situation, two people will immediately identify who owns what property and there is very little that was jointly owned. As soon as people start trying to divide up property that is jointly owned, there is usually a fight. If the fight happens over multiple things, from a home to a bank account, it is time to call in a lawyer.

If Children Are Still Under Age 18

In cases where a divorcing couple’s children are still under the age of 18, there is going to be a custody agreement made. Most couples will have at least some questions about exactly how their children’s time should be divided up, and this can lead into major arguments about custody. Further complicating the question of custody is child support. The parent who retains primary physical custody will be entitled to child support payments from the parent who does not have physical custody. This money often causes issues, and it is very rare for parents to be able to agree on what a fair amount of child support would be.

When kids are involved, a lawyer is usually important. If you need an experienced and highly qualified Divorce Attorney in Pottstown PA, consider calling David T. Schnarrs.

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