The job of the well pump is to transport water from the well to your home when it is needed. These pumps are the modern method of a bucket and rope and they work so seamlessly most of the time people forget they even exist. When they stop working however, it is instantly noticeable. Here are the common signs of pending problems with a well pump and what to do if you spot them in your own home.

The most common sign of a failing pump is a lack of water pressure. This can happen all at once or the pressure may gradually decrease over time. The water that does come out may be dirty and possibly mixed with air. Noises in the pipes, especially when the water is first turned on are also common.
These problems could be a sign of the pump failing or there could be other issues taking place in the tank or lines. Power outages make it impossible for the pump to operate and there may not be enough water in the well for the pump to function if drought conditions are present.

Well Pump Repair Contractors in Harford County can provide maintenance, troubleshoot the problem and provide estimates for the necessary repairs. Annual maintenance may make it possible to avoid some of these service calls.

It can be worrisome when water is not flowing properly in your home, but it is important to realize that it is not always the pump to blame. In many cases, the issue could be something as simple as a bad pump switch or pressure control switch that may be causing the problems inside the home. Tank issues are also common, especially in wells that are more than a few years old.

Check out to learn more about well pump repair contractors in Harford County. Not only are they able to diagnose and repair nearly any type of plumbing issues, they will also do so quickly after providing you with a detailed estimate. If you are experiencing water pressure problems you feel may be related to your well pump, contact them today for and inspection.

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