In any central air and heating system, the movement of air throughout the structure proceeds through an extensive network of ducts. However, it is possible that other, less desirable things might be migrating through them. The last thing an air system should bring to the inhabitants is contaminated air or disease organisms which can be inhaled. Nevertheless, this is a consequence of not maintaining the ductwork and keeping it clean.

Such work should be handled by professional Duct Cleaners in Appleton WI who have the proper tools and training, and are paid to undertake what is actually a more difficult job than it may seem. They also see to it that all safety protocols are followed during the cleaning process, including eliminating the possibility of exposure to possibly harmful substances.

First, it is necessary to examine the circumstances which may require cleaning of the air ducts. Has the building or roof suffered water leaks or water damage lately? Ducting is particularly vulnerable to water intrusion and this can promote the growth of mold, mildew, slime, and bacteria. These growths can occur even if there hasn’t been an obvious water event as humidity can build up within the ducting. Mold is particularly a persistent hazard since mold spores are omnipresent in the environment and attach to any moistened surface, where they begin to grow and spread.

If there is visible dust or cobwebs blowing from the registers, that is a sure sign that cleaning is necessary. There can be other debris which can end up blowing out into the rooms such as fibers flaking off of insulation material or even the fiberglass surfaces of the ducting. Another hazard to look for is insect or rodent infiltration. In the case of the latter, loose hairs and rodent poop can release contaminants into the air and result in a number of respiratory difficulties. Cleaning is definitely needed if there are unpleasant odors issuing from the ducting or the air system, or if there are frequent incidents of respiratory illness or allergic reactions taking place.

Contact Bob’s quality heating & cooling if you suspect that the ductwork in the house or building may be contaminated and require a thorough cleaning. Beyond improving the efficiency of the system, the health risks of dirty ductwork alone justify the call. They are the go-to outfit when one needs the services of professional duct cleaners in Appleton WI.

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