It can be tough to know when your roof is in need of a repair as very few people find themselves on top of their roofs or directly beneath them in their attics. But there are many signs that you may have already noticed in or around the rest of your home that indicate that some work needs to be done up there. Here are a few that should help you figure out if it’s time to hire some roofers.

Paint on Walls Stained or Peeling

You may not have realized that the state of your walls could be related to the state of your roof. However, if you’ve noticed any peeling or stains on the walls, it may be time to contact roofers in Johnston. This is because the misplaced shingles on your roof may be causing poor ventilation. This can in turn result in high moisture that makes its presence known by blistering and peeling the paint as well as staining the walls and causing mildew growth.

Dirty or Decaying Shingles

If you do have the opportunity to climb up onto your roof, you may notice that the shingles are cracked, dry, or a dark and dirty-looking color. This means that your shingles have served their purpose and can no longer provide the protection your house needs. By that time, you should definitely consider calling Johnston roofers to replace the shingles or to recommend a protective coating for the shingles you have.

If you’ve noticed any of these issues around your home or if you just want to be sure that your roof is at peak function, calling professional roofers is your best bet to ensure that you keep your house stable, safe, and well ventilated.

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