New York City is a concrete jungle with thousands of shops, businesses and commercial locations. However, many women have the same question as I do: where can I sell my diamond ring in NYC? Women love diamond rings. They are available in many different varieties, and you can choose from plenty of different options. Diamond jewelry not only looks quite dainty and pretty, but it is also a great investment for those who want a quick injection of cash in times of need. But then again, most people don’t know where to sell off their diamond ring and get a good price.

Where can I sell my diamond ring? I have wondered about this many times, and over the years, have sold my diamond jewelry at several different places. However, if you want a good price for your ring, there are a few places that might offer you a better quote than others. Here are a few places that you should try:

Online Valuation Shops

Online valuation shops have made life easy for millions of women throughout the United States. Looking to sell off your diamond ring without having to go through the hassle of visiting multiple shops and comparing hundreds of different quotes? The best option is to check out an online valuation shop. All you have to do is pack up the diamond and ship it to the company’s address. The company’s gemologist will analyze the document and then give you a quote about how much the diamond is worth.

If you decide to sell, the company will ship over the relevant documents including the transfer deed to your place. However, if you decide not to sell, the company will just return the diamond back to you. It’s a simple, hassle-free process that doesn’t cost a lot either.

Local Jewelry Shops

Another place that you can try is the local jewelry shop, though you are almost certainly likely to get a lower quote as compared to online shops. Brick and mortar stores generally need to maintain greater profit margins in order to make ends meet, so you are likely to be offered a lower quote.

However, if you are uncomfortable with selling your diamond ring online, trying the local store may be a wise idea. If you are still not satisfied, the last option is to visit a local pawn shop. Local pawn shops are obviously not a good idea, because they will generally take advantage of your financial emergency and give you a lower price. However, if you absolutely need the cash immediately, the pawn shop is a decent option, so you can get the cash over the counter for the ring.

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