Shoppers will often visit a jeweler for diamond earrings, a luxury watch, or engagement rings. When it comes time to buy something more casual, they will look for what they want at a department store or from a local craft shop. One of the most popular trends today is for beaded items. Beaded Jewelry in White Plains can include a wide variety of pieces. The reason for the popularity is because beads are so versatile. They are available in an almost endless selection of materials.

Beads can be made of precious metals like silver and gold. They can be designer brands like Swarovski or custom-made of glass, clay, or porcelain. Local artists will often supply beads to jewelers to use in creating their own unique designs. Beads can also be made from paper and other natural materials like bone, coral, and shells, among many other substances.

Beaded Jewelry in White Plains can be earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The beads are also used for accents on belts, hairpieces, and other accessories. They may be what the entire design is made from, or they can be used to highlight the gem or other focus pieces of the jewelry. It is common to see beads surrounding pendants or outlining the shape of brooches and other jewelry items. Beaded items are available in formal or casual jewelry and can be worn with nearly any style of clothing. The size of the beads can range from the tiniest seed beads or large and chunky ones on a statement piece.

Beaded jewelry can be inexpensive costume jewelry with plastic or wooden beads on strings. The beaded items offered at jewelry shops are always made from high-quality beads. All of the pieces are designed to be durable and look beautiful for years. Artisan-made beads can be very valuable, and the work by some glass or clay artists is often collected.

Beaded jewelry is a popular item with women of all ages and can be used for formal occasions or everyday wear. At Michael Matthews Jewelers White Plains, shoppers can indulge their love of beads. There are numerous styles available and prices that will fit in nearly any budget.

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