California wines were not always appreciated. The industry began in 1769 when a Franciscan missionary established a missionary and began a vineyard. The wines produced here were kept for religious ceremonies and for use in the missions. It was a couple of decades after prohibition that large-scale operations began in full and people began paying attention to the industry. Napa Valley has now become one of the premier locations in the world for wine production. The Best California Wine can easily compete with anything made in Italy, France or elsewhere in the world. The majority of wine consumed in the United States is made in California. What makes this wine so popular is also what makes California wines unique.

     *     There is an attention to environmental responsibility. Growers avoid pesticides by using sheep, bats and birds to eliminate pests. The majority of companies use all possible methods to keep their industry sustainable and eco-friendly.

     *     The state of California is known for the diversity of its soil and a favorable climate. Wine is grown in almost all of the counties in California. Surprisingly, only 4 percent of the total yield is actually from the Napa Valley. All wine crops benefit from the abundant sunshine and the moderate temperatures the state enjoys year round.

     *     The fertile soil makes it possible for the vineyards to grow a seemingly endless variety of grapes. This results in almost 60,000 different types of wine produced in the state by more than 4,000 individual wineries.

Choosing the Best California Wine is difficult because it is so subjective. There is no question that any wine lover will find something from California that they enjoy. It is a challenge to try them all with new products constantly arriving and so much already available. Towne Cellars Wines & Liquors Inc. helps to make it much easier by keeping the top rated brands in their inventory. Their sommelier personally tastes each wine they keep in stock. They offer an extensive wine list with many affordable options. Expert advice is available to help shoppers find the best bottle for themselves or to give as a gift. Visit their website or stop in to learn more. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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