Having the right gear is one important factor to a good race. When it comes to shopping for triathlon clothing, there are two basic styles available: one-piece and two-piece suits. One-piece tri suits offer both comfort and convenience. However, triathletes don’t normally wear them to anywhere else but on the race course so their cost-per-use is high.

Advantages of Two-Piece Outfits

It’s a lot more common to see athletes wearing two-piece outfits, which consist of tri shorts and tri tops for men and women. The price of two-piece suits may be the same or slightly more expensive than one-piece attires but they are more versatile, allowing you to wear them during practice runs and rides without looking like you’re going to an actual race. This means you get more use out of both pieces for their price. Two-piece suits are also perfect for races that do not allow the use of wetsuits; although, you will need to wear a tighter top for this to remove extra drag during the swim.

Tri Tops Features

Tri tops for men are designed particularly for triathlon so they are typically very tight-fitted so as to reduce chafing and allow them to be worn well underneath wetsuits. These tops normally have pockets so you can carry nutrition bars, gel or other items. You just have to make sure the pockets are snug so they do not create drag when you swim and your items do not bounce around when you’re on the bike or running.

Some tri tops for men are made with full zippers while others either don’t have any zippers or can be zipped up only partially. The zipper makes it easy to put on or take off the top and also helps keep you ventilated during a race in hot weather conditions. Some tops feature compressions panels to aid with core muscles stabilization and minimizing the oscillation of muscles. Most of these tops are sleeveless to allow the shoulders to rotate properly while swimming but there short sleeved options as well if you’re looking for more sun protection.

Why Buy a Triathlon Specific Top?

Can’t you use regular running tops instead of tri tops for men? Their main difference lies in the materials used. Regular sports clothing typically uses heavier materials that retain water and do not dry as fast as triathlon specific clothing. Slow-drying clothing can affect how you perform, make your bike ride or run very uncomfortable and can even get you sick with a cold. Triathlon tops, on the other hand, are made using lightweight and non-absorbent materials that wick away moisture to keep you flexible while swimming and dry during the ride and run. These tops also have many technical features that can give you a more enjoyable racing experience.

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