Corporate archives are records that merit preservation due to their value on a corporate, legal or administrative level. They are also preserved for historical and cultural reasons. They come in many formats and media, including handwritten documents, CD’s, photographs, maps, floppy discs, microfilm, oral histories, scrap books and press cuttings.

Data such as sales figures, awards, mission statements, marketing merchandise, press releases and marketing materials can all be archived to preserve your company’s history.

Why are archives important?

Simply put, archives tell a story, albeit not always a flowing, easy-to-read one. That’s where historical archive companies come in. The history of your company can give potential customers a greater understanding of who you are and give them insight as to why they’d want to do business with you. A creative historical company can create a number of marketing tools for your organization:

   *   Documentaries and videos
   *   Corporate anniversary marketing strategies
   *   Customized digital solutions

Customized programs that integrate storytelling with technology, communications and archival services will ensure that history is preserved, and that the future is protected. Future leaders and executives of the company can access this data whenever they need to, so they can better understand how the company has evolved over the years, where it’s headed and what the original mission was of its founding members.

Never underestimate the power of history; data archival is crucial to making sure that your organization stays on course and that all marketing and branding efforts are carried out as originally intended.

Data archives are also important for legal and auditing activities. Sales figures, stats and other critical data can be easily accessed by authorized users.

The History Factory understands the importance of keeping your archives organized and secure. Visit their website The History Factory at to learn more about how they can preserve your organization’s data.

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