While pre-planned funerals are not new, the rise in requests for cremation is a fairly recent trend. That is partly because many religions that once banned the practice have relaxed their attitudes and no longer require burial. However, most clients preplan with professionals like Leppert Mortuary & Crematory Services because they want personalized, affordable funerals. Many also want to avoid burial and save land.

Cremation Can Be Personalized

Clients who arrange their own cremations have a lot of choices. During Cremation Planning clients can choose anything from basic, no-frills arrangements to elaborate Celebration of Life services. Professionals will tailor these events to fit customers’ needs. Many services include photo storyboards, videos, receptions, and even the release of balloons. While most customers do not want to be embalmed or viewed, funeral homes can include both services and still cremate the deceased later. They also cremate and ship bodies. Many people request that their cremains be given to family members who scatter them in meaningful locations.

Cremation Is More Eco-Friendly Than Burial

As environmental awareness grows, more clients choose cremation in order to save land and resources. They typically have no religious or traditions that tie them to funeral arrangements. During Cremation Planning they choose options that are aligned with their personal beliefs. Some want to avoid burial in order to free up more land for the living. Eco-friendly clients are generally against burying potentially toxic materials. That is because the average traditional funeral includes an embalmed body, casket and vault. It takes many years for the materials to break down and some, like embalming fluids, can seep into groundwater.

Cremation Is an Affordable Option

Regardless of its other advantages, cost is a primary reason that clients arrange cremation. A traditional funeral may cost several thousand dollars, while a dignified cremation can be organized for less than $2,000. The simple, affordable arrangements often appeal to practical people who want their funerals to match their lifestyles. Families with little money often choose cremation when faced with a sudden death.

Every year, thousands of people preplan their own cremations. The trend is on the rise among those who want to save money or just prefer simple funerals. Many eco-friendly people also preplan their own cremations in order to save land and avoid burying caskets and vaults. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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