Funeral professionals in Orange City, Florida are seeing a trend toward cremations instead of traditional burials. Clients are approaching businesses like Fourtowns Cremation, Inc when they want dignified, affordable funerals. Cremation may also be part of Funeral Arrangements in Orange City FL when clients do not like the idea of burial or want an eco friendly option.

Dignified Cremations Are Affordable

When Funeral Arrangements in Orange City FL include cremations, clients pay much less than they would for traditional services. They do not need a permanent casket, burial vault or plot. There is no need to pay for the services of grave diggers and nothing to maintain. It is also easy for clients to pre-plan their own cremations. They can visit crematory websites, chose a “Click here” option and complete online forms. Professionals will then help them choose exactly the services they want. Whether customers plan ahead or use immediate need services, basic packages include transportation of the body, refrigeration and a container. Experts handle required authorizations and may also place memorials in local papers. Staff treats both the clients and the deceased with dignity and respect. Businesses with on-site crematories also guarantee that bodies never leave their sight, so families are assured of receiving the correct ashes.

Cremation Appeals to Independent Thinkers

For decades, religious beliefs and strong traditions dictated that every family member be embalmed, placed on display and then buried in consecrated ground. Today many religions have relaxed their rules against cremation, so fewer people are sticking to old-fashioned customs. That is especially true of those who do not like the idea of being buried. Cremation also appeals to people who are claustrophobic or find the idea of decaying bodies distasteful. They are usually well aware that no casket or vault preserves a body and underground elements can actually speed decomposition. Customers who want to save land and avoid contaminating the earth with embalming fluid consider cremation an eco-friendly option.

Funeral businesses with on-site crematories are becoming more popular these days. They attract clients who want dignified, affordable arrangements. Cremation is also popular among those who find burial distasteful or want to conserve natural resources.

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