Funeral professionals in Orange City are seeing a huge spike in cremation requests that reflect a nationwide shift away from traditional burial arrangements. Many families now routinely designate cremation for every member. In some cases, it is even considered a trendy choice. However, the majority of clients who arrange cremation with Funeral Homes in Orange City FL do so for practical reasons. Many need to control final expenses, some consider it an earth-friendly choice, and a number feel that cremation simplifies funeral planning.

Families Want to Reduce Funeral Expenses

Most clients making arrangements with Funeral Homes in Orange City FL decide on cremation after reviewing the costs of traditional arrangements. An average funeral that includes embalming, visitation, graveside services, and burial can easily run $10,000. That does not take into consideration the cost of a headstone. In contrast, it is common to arrange cremations for well under $2,000. In addition, clients can often make arrangements at sites like, which include a “Click here” option that lets them access prices and lists of services.

Cremation Saves Valuable Land

Many people are also against using land to bury bodies, so they choose cremation. They often consider an Earth-friendly choice which helps to reclaim as much land as possible. Most are also opposed to burying possibly toxic embalming fluid along with vaults and caskets that can take decades to decompose. In comparison, clients can place the ashes of several cremated family members in one or two memorial benches or headstones designed for that purpose.

Funerals Are Easier to Arrange

Cremation can also be the most practical option for families. That is especially true when death is unexpected and there is little time to notify every interested party. Families can arrange for simple, affordable direct cremations and keep the ashes until they are able to arrange memorials. Cremation also solves problems when death occurs far from home, since it is much simpler and cheaper to ship ashes than bodies. In addition, cremation allows an almost unlimited number of ways to memorialize the deceased.

The funeral industry is seeing a sharp increase in the number of cremation requests. The majority of clients who choose cremation want to save money, avoid using scarce land to bury bodies, and make funeral planning easier.

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