These days, it seems like just about everyone is in search of the perfect smile. Unfortunately, it’s so easy for the teeth to become stained or yellow simply due to daily habits like drinking coffee, eating dark-colored foods, or using tobacco. The good news is that there are teeth whitening solutions that can help with this very problem and make it possible to once again have a bright smile.

With that said, not all teeth whitening options are created equal. In recent years, there has been a proliferation of teeth whitening kits sold in grocery and convenience stores. While many people are gravitating toward these kits, there is little doubt that having their teeth whitened in a Dental Office in Kona is often a much better idea. Here are three significant reasons why this is the case:

  *     Not every patient will be a great candidate for teeth whitening. In some cases, teeth stains or yellowing is intrinsic, which means it may not be helped by the whitening process. In other cases, the patient may need to take care of tooth decay or gum disease issues before they whiten in order to prevent extreme pain or further tooth damage. A dental professional will be able to assess a person’s readiness for teeth whitening and help them determine the best course of action.

  *     The teeth whitening solutions given by a dentist will be custom-designed just for the patient. This cannot be said of the one-size-fits-all trays that come packaged with whitening kits purchased in stores. Having custom trays make the tooth whitening process much more comfortable and is more likely to result in results that are much more even.

  *     Teeth whitening performed in a Dental Office in Kona often works better and faster than store-bought whitening kits. The whitening gel that a dentist uses will be more potent than what is found in the store, which means that it will produce more significant results in less time. In addition, dentists can use a special laser light to activate the gel and increase its whitening power, which is something that can’t be done with at-home kits.

Having teeth whitening performed by a dental professional promotes safety and is much more effective. For those who are considering teeth whitening, Click Here to contact Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. and discover more about him and his team can help patients achieve a brighter, whiter smile in no time.

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