Now that the kids have grown and they are busy building their own lives, that big old house seems empty. The idea of selling the property and moving to a smaller home holds a lot of appeal. Before moving forward with the process, it makes sense to seek the services of a real estate lawyer in Cornelius, NC. Here are a couple of the ways that the lawyer can help the client make wise choices.

Taking a Look at the Broker Agreement

When contracting with a real estate agency to sell the home, it’s necessary to sign what is known as a broker’s agreement or contract. Many agencies make use of boilerplates that meet the basic legal requirements that are in force in the area. What they may not contain is additional protections for the property owner.

The only way to know for sure if the agreement does contain provisions offering adequate protection for the seller is to have a real estate lawyer in Cornelius, NC go over the terms and conditions carefully. This makes it possible to ensure there is no misunderstanding about what happens if the seller finds a buyer independent of the agent’s efforts or what the seller may owe if a potential buyer’s financing falls through at the last minute. Once the lawyer has examined the document and the client is happy with the terms, it’s fine to sign it and return a copy to the real estate agency.

Checking the Sales Documents

People who have never sold a home before are often surprised at the amount of paperwork involved. The process is a little more complicated than signing over a deed and accepting a check. Instead of being intimidated by the documents that must be signed and filed, it helps to have a lawyer on hand. The lawyer can make sure any agreements made between the buyer and seller are documented in the paperwork and that each form is filed with the correct local agency. All of this attention to detail will help avoid problems for both the seller and the buyer in the years ahead.

There’s no reason to let anything fall through the cracks when it comes to selling a home. Contact Lake Law, PLLC today and arrange to meet with a lawyer to make the process of selling the home a lot easier.

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