Minneapolis winter temperatures often fall below freezing, which is one reason that so many area homes include fireplaces. Working fireplaces and stone chimneys also add charm, curb appeal and value to homes. However, they need regular care in order to stay efficient and safe. Fortunately, companies like The Fireplace Guys offer a range of services designed to keep homes secure and cozy all winter. Technicians keep fireplaces clean, spot problems and improve efficiency.

Well Maintained Chimneys Are Cleaner and Safer

Although cleaning chimneys offer many benefits, safety is often the number one reason that clients call for service. They generally arrange Fireplace Maintenance Services in Minneapolis MN in order to avoid chimney fires. The problem is caused when creosote builds up over time and becomes flammable. All it takes is one robust fire in the grate to create serious problems. Creosote buildups can also block fumes from escaping and cause carbon monoxide to fill rooms. In addition, poorly maintained chimneys may produce smoke and soot that can cover rooms and irritate breathing.

Experts Find and Fix Problems During Cleaning

Clients who want to identify problems often schedule Fireplace Maintenance Services in Minneapolis MN via sites like Thefireplaceguys.com. During routine cleaning technicians routinely inspect chimney construction and interiors. They will remove obstructions, such as animals or nests. Professionals install or replace fireplace inserts as well as weather or time damaged caps and flashing. They are masonry specialists who can restore chimneys which are degrading. Professionals will also replace ineffective liners.

Technicians Can Improve Fireplace Efficiency

During inspections fireplace experts correct problems that reduce efficiency. Simply cleaning components can improve performance dramatically. It is estimated that just a small amount of soot will reduce a fireplace’s heat transfer ability by about 50%. Technicians may also replace dampers, to prevent air leaks. They might even suggest a specific type of logs since finely seasoned wood produces the least smoke but the most heat.

Homeowners in Minneapolis rely on local professionals to keep fireplaces safe, clean and efficient. Experienced technicians will remove chimney buildups that can cause fires, smoke, and dangerous fumes. Professionals also repair problems they find and can teach customers how to keep their fireplaces efficient.

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