Many people who are innocent choose to believe the judicial system will work in their favor and they will be acquitted of the crime of which they are accused. Although that may happen in movies and television shows, real life does not work that way. The innocent require a Defense Attorney in Cincinnati OH to advise them, ensure their rights are not violated, and aggressively represent them should the case proceed to a trial.

The prosecutor will not be looking out for the accused, but building a case to support the current charges. Law enforcement have already presented enough information to support suspicions, if an arrest warrant was issued against the accused. It then becomes the job of the prosecutor to ensure the arrest is upheld. The Defense Attorney in Cincinnati OH can review the case against the accused, investigate some of the facts and circumstances, and ensure due process for the innocent person. Presenting facts from the point of view of the accused, challenging the validity of any questionable evidence, and raising reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors requires an experienced attorney.

When seeking a defense attorney, find one that has past experience as a prosecutor. Those attorneys know how prosecutors build a case, know common mistakes made by law enforcement, and have extensive trial experience. They also have experience with filing appeals in case the verdict is in favor of the prosecution. Ask about past cases, success rates, and any cases that attracted excessive media coverage. Experience with high profile cases indicates determination, professionalism under pressure, and the ability to represent clients through a lengthy process, if necessary.

Those in immediate need can go to to fill out a “Rapid Response” form. That page on the website is designed to provide fast assistance to those facing criminal charges. Minimal information is required, and responses from experienced personnel can be as fast as a few minutes. Enter a name, a phone number, an email address, the case number if known, and a brief description of the issue. Filing out the form does not constitute an attorney/client relationship, but it does start the process toward that possibility.

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