Hard water, contaminants, harsh chemicals, and iron in the water can be costing residents more time and money than they realize. Many people think that installing a Point of Entry system in their home will cost too much money, when actually, not having one is costing them more money. This system treats water as it enters the home from the outside water supply. Utilizing water refiners in Leesburg FL through the system will have a high rate of return on the investment. That means the installation will cost less than what is being spent currently with the water entering the home in an untreated condition. The cost savings have both short and long-term effects.

Without the use of Water Refiners in Leesburg FL, people are spending a lot of money on bottled water for drinking. A Point of Use system, which consists of drinking water filters, can improve the taste of drinking water, but will not provide all the other cost savings enjoyed with a point of entry system. People are also spending more money on soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, detergents, and surface cleaners due to hard water and contaminants. Untreated water requires more cleaners to get things, and people, clean. It also requires more rinsing to remove cleaners and detergents from clothing, counters, toilets and showers, and floors. The untreated water also breaks down the fibers in clothing, causes them to fade quicker, and makes them lose their shape faster. The reduction in cleaning supplies will save money immediately, and into the future.

Scale deposits, rust and corrosion, and build-up of residue due to hard water and iron in the water have a damaging effect on appliances and pipes. Clogs, holes, and premature wear and tear on pipes, for example, leads to frequent plumbing service calls, and more repairs to pipes and connections. Those costs can get expensive fast. Inefficient operations of heaters, boilers, and appliances causes utility bills to be higher than normal. Build up of scale and deposits means appliances have to work harder to run through ordinary cycles. Clothes and dish washers, faucets, showers, garbage disposals, and even coffee makers have to be replaced more often because the water wears down components, piping, connections, and moving parts. Contact us to have water tested for free, and to find out how cost-effective a water system is for the home.

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