Not being able to breathe or experiencing a sudden shortness of breath are some of the scariest things that could happen to a person. When a baby is born, his first natural instinct is to breathe. Breathing comes naturally to us but is it just about inhaling and exhaling? Let us find out why some of us find it difficult to take a deep breath or have a continuous unsettling feeling of difficulty breathing.

There could be various reasons why one experiences a difficulty with breathing, including:

1. Hyperventilation. In a disorder called hyperventilation an individual breaths larger amount of air than is necessary to fulfill his body’s metabolic demands. There isn’t a specific reason for why hyperventilation can be triggered, but shortness of breath and a constant hunger for air are definitive symptoms of the disorder.
A normal person breathes using the diaphragm. When hyperventilation occurs, they tend to use their upper chest. Normal breathing results in the tummy rising up as one inhales, due to the descending of the diaphragm, and relaxing as one exhales. If the tummy sucks in while you inhale or it barely moves and your chest rises up instead, you may be experiencing hyperventilation. This disorder can be cured by monitoring your breathing pattern and doing breathing exercises regularly.

2. Asthma. One of the most common breathing ailments is asthma. It can be caused by various factors including genetic conditions, allergies to dust, pollen, or pollution, and sometimes even psychological factors such as stress and fatigue. There are various drugs and medications along with very effective natural treatments that one can opt for in treating asthma. It is highly advised that an asthmatic patient avoid the triggers that boost his symptoms at all costs.

3. Bronchitis. Bronchitis is a breathing ailment that can cause tremendous tightening in the lungs and is common in people having excessive exposure to tobacco and coal dust, but it can happen without these triggers as well.

4. Hyperacidity or acid reflux. Hyper-acidity, or acid reflux, is a trigger that causes difficulty in breathing. It happens when acid from the stomach rises up through the trachea which results in an overproduction of mucus to protect the muscles of the windpipe. The excessive mucus narrows the air pipe and leads to breathlessness. Acid reflux can be corrected by altering the diet and setting fixed times for having meals. Antacids can also be prescribed in severe cases.

5. Physical injury. Physical injuries can sometimes lead to ailments in the respiratory system. It is advised that one gets proper medical treatment in such cases as they may lead to a collapse of lung tissues.

One must immediately consult a general physician if they observe any symptoms of difficulty breathing to make sure that they get the proper treatment before the issue worsens.

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