Why You Should Invest in a Women’s Triathlon Wetsuit

by | Jul 18, 2014 | Uncategorized

When you’re planning to enter a triathlon competition, you have a lot on your mind. Not only do you have to train extensively for three highly competitive events, but you have to have optimal nutrition for the female athlete, and you also need to have the right gear. You could get by with simply pulling any old bicycle and swimsuit out of your closet and going on your way, but that is not the way of ensuring the best outcome possible.

If you’re serious about your triathlon competition, you’ll do well to invest in a few key items. Having a quality bicycle that is designed for speed will make you much more successful in the bicycling section of the race. Having a comfortable pair of running shoes is also essential. In the water, you best bet is to invest in a triathlon wetsuit that is designed especially for women’s bodies.

Here are a few reasons that a wetsuit designed especially for triathlons is the way to go.

Women’s Triathlon Wetsuits Are Warm

In the early days of triathlons, people began wearing wetsuits to help them endure chilly waters. If you’re entering a triathlon in places such as the San Francisco Bay or the waters off the Northeastern coast of the United States, you’re sure to be encountering frigid temperatures. Wetsuits allow some water into the suit, and because that water is trapped against your warm body, the water eventually warms up and helps keep you warm. When you’re warm, you’ll tend to perform better.

Wetsuits Help with Staying Afloat

Here’s another thing athletes found out when they started using wetsuits: they help the athlete with buoyancy. For people who are not strong swimmers, that added buoyancy means you can focus on speed and not on keeping your body above the water. That’s a main reason people tend to continue wearing some type of triathlon wetsuit, even when they’re not swimming in cold waters.

Designed for a Woman

When you go to purchase a wetsuit, your best bet is to choose one that is designed for a woman’s body, giving a little more room at the chest and hips than a man’s suit would. A well-fitting suit will reduce the drag that can slow down your swim time. Ideally you should find a retailer that offers a number of different styles, so you’ll be able to choose one that fits you best.


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