Restaurant and bar owners have a limited amount of options when it comes to ice. They either make their own or find a supplier of ice cube wholesale in Suffolk County, NY. Making ice is usually a method fraught with potential complications. Purchasing ice from a professional distributor ensures a constant supply of clean, clear ice that will make every cocktail and other chilled beverage look its best. This is just one of the many advantages there are to purchasing rather than making ice on site.

Dealing With Outages

Power outages are always a concern and no one needs the added mess of a flooded kitchen thanks to an ice machine that in not working. When short outages take place it generally means a mass of unusable ice clumped together after refreezing. When working with a reputable supplier it is easy to get emergency supplies delivered. That not only means cubes for serving but also blocks that can help to keep other food products chilled during storms or other power-related emergencies.

Keeping Things Clean

Ice machines are a concern for health and safety reasons and ice should always be handled with the same care as any food product. Keeping an ice bin clean is much easier than an ice maker that will have many more parts and controls to worry about. In addition, businesses that make their own ice also have to worry about the quality of the water used for this process as well.

Having it All

A company with ice cube wholesale in Suffolk County, NY will offer cubes, blocks, and cakes. They also provide luges, blocks and chipped ice. This makes it fast and easy to order everything needed for any event from one trusted seller.

It may seem like ice is a non-issue and something that is too simple to worry about. However, any business owner serving food or drinks that have ever run out of ice or had a problem with their supply will understand exactly how disastrous this problem can become. Visit to learn more about the importance of using the right ice and always having an ample supply of clean ice for use.

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