When a tooth becomes damaged due to an injury or decay, it sometimes can become unstable. In its unstable state, it is more likely to become further damaged. This is why many dentists will recommend their patients receive a Dental Crown in Kona. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped shell that completely envelopes the tooth in protection. Because it is shaped like a natural tooth and is colored to match the patient’s surrounding teeth, no one can tell it has been placed in a person’s mouth.

Before the dental crown can be created, the dentist must prepare the tooth. Preparation involves removing a portion of the tooth surface area so it is more compact and rounder. This is done for two reasons: the tooth needs to have as much damage removed as possible so it will be less likely to break, and it needs to be able to fit inside the dental crown. The dentist will remove most of the outer enamel, leaving behind only a core of dentin material.

A patient will need three sets of impressions made during the process of receiving a Dental Crown in Kona. The first set is so the lab will have a composite model of the mandibular arches, and this is done before any shaping of the tooth. The second set is done after the shaping so the permanent crown can be made. This impression is made with stone and creates an exact duplicate of a person’s mouth so the dental lab can create a precise crown.

The third set of impressions is for the temporary crown that will be made of acrylic resin. This crown will be cemented in place with a special cement called eugenol. This cement holds the temporary crown in place until the permanent crown has been created by the dental lab. It also calms the nerves of the tooth to prevent any irritation and pain.

If you are interested in learning more about dental crowns and how they can protect your teeth, Visit the Website. Call the office of Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. and ask them for a consultation appointment so you can get started on the process.

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