Homeowners who want to improve the appearance of their landscape often place mulch in their flower beds and around the trees on their property. In addition to aesthetic appeal, mulching also helps with weed control, acts as an insulator and improves the condition of the soil. Before purchasing Mulch in Waukesha WI for your landscaping project, read the mulching guide below.

Proper Mulching To Prevent Weeds

While preparing your flower beds for the mulch, it’s important that all the weeds are completely gone from the designated area. Be sure to pull the weeds out by the roots or the weeds can continue to grow. After the weeds are pulled, add another layer of weed protection by placing landscape fabric in the flower beds. This fabric can be cut to size, and it’s easier to place the landscape fabric down before planting flowers. If plants are already in the flower beds, holes will have to be cut in the fabric before it can be placed around the plants.

Spreading Mulch The Right Way

To make the chore of spreading mulch quick and easy, pour the mulch in several rows across the flower bed. Use the back side of a metal rake to spread the mulch uniformly across the area. Use a yardstick or ruler to make sure the mulch is spread 3 inches deep. When adding extra mulch to existing flower beds, thoroughly cover all the exposed areas and place a thin layer of fresh mulch over the entire flower bed.

Choosing The Right Mulch

When selecting a landscaping product from a company that provides mulch in Waukesha, WI homeowners have various choices. Hardwood mulch is a popular choice because it holds in moisture and as it breaks down, it adds essential nutrients to the soil. Bark mulch doesn’t disintegrate as fast as other types of mulches, and it naturally keeps bugs away. Both hardwood and bark mulch is available in various colors for a unique landscape design.

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