It’s not hard to see why Tribeca has become one of Manhattan’s most sought-after neighborhoods. Some people think that the neighborhood represents New York City itself, and any mention of the Big Apple is sure to conjure up mental images of Tribeca’s brownstones, lofts, and tree-lined streets. The near-universal desirability of Tribeca real estate might initially put you off from considering an apartment here, but read on for three benefits that will convince you the cost of living is worth it.

A neighborhood feel

Residents of Tribeca say that much of its appeal comes from its family-friendly attractions and relaxed, neighborhood feel. One clerk who works in Tribeca summarizes the neighborhood’s culture by saying that “it’s where nice people come to live,” as reported in The Observer.

Beautiful homes

Tribeca condos are in such high demand for a reason: they’re some of the most beautiful in Manhattan. Tribeca architecture is distinctive for its character warmth, and recently constructed buildings match this charm, if not exceeding it. Skyscrapers such as 45 Park Place offer stunning penthouse views and world-class architecture while seamlessly blending with the surrounding neighborhood’s culture and aesthetics.

Luxury without stress

Due to its popularity with the rich and famous, Tribeca has all the luxuries you could think to desire, from hip boutiques to fine dining to the highest quality yoga and pilates studios. However, due to Tribeca’s more laid-back culture, you won’t find the atmosphere of conspicuous consumption that defines other affluent Manhattan neighborhoods. Buying a Tribeca condo will give you the lifestyle and status you deserve, without the stress that results from neighbors trying to compete with you.

For many, buying an apartment in Tribeca fulfills their lifelong dream of obtaining an iconic Manhattan lifestyle. Look for Tribeca penthouses for sale to make this dream come true for you.

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