The Coweta County self-storage industry has grown quickly, primarily because customers continually find ways that units benefit them. That is especially true of commercial clients, who often rent storage units in order to conserve space and save money. Many rent mini-warehouses to hold extra inventory. The units can also hold materials when companies are moving to new locations. Some business owners use Mini Warehouses in Coweta County to keep tools and materials safe

Companies Can Store Inventory

Building rents can be big expenses for small business owners, so many avoid expanding by storing inventory in Mini Warehouses in Coweta County. They can remain in small quarters or even storefronts and still fulfill customers’ orders. Their products are delivered directly to storage areas. Mini-warehouses are ideal for this because they are bigger than conventional units. A typical mini-warehouse ranges from 200 to 1,000 square feet. Customers have easy access to any hour, and storage facilities make it easy to add or remove items quickly.

Storage Units Simplify Business Moves

When small businesses are moving, they often keep some of their things in storage until they are completely settled. Self-storage businesses make that simple because they provide unit guidelines on sites like Clients can access a “click here” option and review available unit sizes and types. Many choose temperature controlled spaces to hold documents. They can choose units that are as big as 20×30 feet and capable of holding five rooms of furniture.

Business Customers Can Store Tools Safely

There are also commercial customers who use self-storage because they may not have offices or work in business buildings. For example, small lawn and landscaping businesses can store several mowers and other equipment and access it as needed. Their tools are protected from the weather and safe from theft. Real estate agents also rent units to hold home staging items. Many keep seasonal materials in storage, so they can quickly adapt decorating themes at will.

In the self-storage industry some larger units are known as mini warehouses and are popular among business clients. The spaces are ideal for holding excess inventory or the entire contents of small offices when companies are changing locations. Clients also store tools or business materials in mini-warehouses in order to keep them safe and easily accessible.

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