Women look for different features in a car when buying or leasing than men do. That is not to say that both genders cannot want the same features in a vehicle, but men and women tend to be drawn by different things. When you go to a dealership to purchase your next Chevy in Romeoville, your interests will be taken into consideration to help you find the best car.


To women, vehicles should do more than look sleek and drive fast. While these can be benefits, it is important to find a vehicle that is full of practical features. Comfort is key in a vehicle; it does not matter if you are driving for half an hour or the whole day, being comfortable will make a car much more appealing to drive. To go along with comfort, a vehicle should also be fuel-efficient. Getting the most miles per gallon means a woman can do everything she wants in a day without worrying about filling up the tank before the week is over.

A vehicle should handle well and a woman should be able to make the most out of the speed and performance on a car. It is much better to buy a practical vehicle with these features included and be able to take advantage of them instead of not using the car to its full potential. A woman should be able to get the most out of her vehicle.


More than practicality, a woman should look for versatility in a car. This means being able to get her priorities done during the day and having fun at night. Versatility in a vehicle includes the option to fold down extra passenger seats if needed, as well as a sleek design with curves and style. Not every car can offer this, but it is possible to find something that meets your needs and wants.


Above all else, every woman should have top of the line safety features in her car. This means an antilock brake system, a rearview camera, blind spot vision, and securely locking seatbelts for her and all of her passengers. A vehicle is nothing without its safety features; a vehicle’s warranty should also include roadside assistance if needed. It is better to be able to utilize roadside assistance and scheduled maintenance instead of trying to drive without fixing any problems your car might have.

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