3 Reasons to Choose Charter Schools in Gilbert, AZ

by | Sep 11, 2014 | Education

When the time comes to choose the right school for a child, parents have lots of different options. How can a parent know which is best for his or her student? For many, Charter Schools in Gilbert AZ offer a quality education that doesn’t cost the parents any extra money. While there are many different benefits to enrolling in charter school, here are three well worth considering.

Funding is Based on Performance

A traditional public school receives funding regardless of how things are going. While they may get special money earmarked for certain programs, there is no guarantee that the money is being used in the best possible way. Some parents feel that these schools lack accountability.

A charter school must perform in order to maintain funding. Schools that thrive stay open and continue to support students in the community. Charter schools that are failing academically tend to close up shop due to the lack of money provided. As an added bonus, because charter schools receive public funding, parents are not responsible for steep tuition.

There are No District Limitations

Any student can go to one of the charter schools in the area. Most public schools are surrounded by geographic limitations. Only the students in a certain area can go to a certain school. This means that a school that is exceeding expectations may not be available for everyone within the city.

Charter schools take away the boundaries. Any student interested in a charter school education can enroll, regardless of where he or she lives. There is no need to qualify because a student is “out of district.”


Some charter schools choose to specialize in certain types of education. For example, some schools have emphasis on math and science. While all of the subjects are taught at the school, these subjects receive more attention and students are often able to take their studies to a unique level of academic achievement.

While the academic specialization works well for parents and their educational goals, it also benefits students. Many enjoy attending classes with other students that have similar interests. The group works together to achieve.

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