The benefits of participating in outdoor adventure tours are many. If you are a tourist, looking to explore Alberta or BC’s gorgeous offerings or if you are a native Canadian searching for an escape and a deeper appreciation of your home country, you’ll be excited to know that the outdoors is at your fingertips and the tips of your hiking boots, too!

BCA Tours operates in Alberta and BC, Canada. They focus on guided hiking tours from Vancouver Island to the Rockwall Trail, located in Kootenay National Park, as well as custom tours in and around the Banff, Alberta area. For an exhilarating experience where all the planning is left to the experts, count on BCA Tours to let you dedicate more attention to the best parts of Canada’s natural offerings.

1. Get some exercise! Trekking tours in Alberta are a great way to get a full-body workout if you’re sick of the gym or the same running trail through your neighborhood.

2. Escape from the office. If you’re looking for an escape far away from your cell phone or busy email inbox, consider participating in activities like backpacking tours in Alberta or BC. There’s nothing more freeing than facing nature with only what you can fit on your back!

3. Make new friends or reconnect with old ones! Thanks to group adventure tours, exploring Alberta is just as easy as bonding with others in the adventures of travel!

Are you worried about the details? Custom tours are a piece of cake to organize thanks to BCA Tours’ customized tour packages. A team of professionals will be happy to construct a personalized itinerary teeming with beauty and opportunity at a range of prices! Even better, these itinerary planning services come with no extra charge or hidden fees. So what are you waiting for? Contact BCA Tours today to find out how you can take advantage of these gorgeous opportunities near you, just in time for Spring.

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