Home renovations in Windsor are not always done out of necessity, and they may be done to improve curb appeal, increase the value of a home for resale or simply to make the home a more comfortable place to live.

When it comes to making the deciding for replacement windows, there is often a combination of factors involved. While some homeowners may choose to replace windows purely for aesthetic reasons, there are some critical signs you should not ignore that let you know the current windows you have in the home are simply not doing the best job.

High Energy Bills

Windows in any home are a potential source of energy loss or energy gain in a home. For example, old windows without insulation technology and modern frame materials are more likely to transfer heat from the exterior of the home to the interior, causing your Windsor home to heat up in the summer and your AC to turn on more frequently to keep the temperature cool. The same can also happen in the winter, increasing power bills throughout the year.

Window Problems

Traditional types of wood frames on windows, particularly if they have not been maintained, often warp, twist and swell with exposure to heat, sunlight, and moisture. By choosing replacement windows with vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass or the new types of protected wood windows, these issues cease to be a problem.

Interior or Exterior Renovation Project

If you are completing an interior or exterior renovation project for the home, adding replacement windows is always a good choice. The experts at Northwest Exteriors can work closely with you to choose the right style, material, and features to create the ideal look in energy efficient, low maintenance windows that are perfect for the home.

Before buying replacement windows for your Windsor home, discuss your options with the team at Northwest Exteriors. More information on window options can be found online at northwestexteriors.com/replacement-windows-santa-rosa-ca.

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