3 Things Your Windows are Trying to Tell You

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Home Improvement, Window

Home maintenance can be tough. A huge part of keeping your home in tip-top shape is checking your windows out for signs of trouble. If you see any of the following, though, it might be time you considered shopping for replacement windows in Santa Rosa:

There are signs of condensation

If the condensation is along the bottom or corners of the glass, then that indicates poor ventilation. Another possibility is that you have high moisture levels in your home, says Popular Mechanics. Check your window for damage and air leaks. If you’ve got old, broken windows, though, then shopping for replacements is a good way to resolve the issue.

The wood is swollen

Have a tough time closing or opening your windows? The problem might be because the wood is warped. Wood tends to swell when exposed to high levels of humidity. When the swelling stops, it never quite fits into the frame the same way again. That’s going to leave you with air leaks unless you do something about it. If you don’t want those air leaks spiking your energy bills, then shop for replacement windows in Santa Rosa so you won’t have to worry about warped wood and air leaks in your home.

You can’t shut or open them

If your windows are permanently open or shut tight, then that’s a potential security and safety hazard. Can’t close your windows? That could attract the attention of burglars and thieves into your home. Can’t open them? In case there’s a fire and you need to get out through your windows, a shut window can cost you valuable time and lock you or your loved ones in. Prevent these scenarios simply by going to a reputable window company like Northwest Exteriors to buy and get yourself new windows to put in place.

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