When a loved one passes, it can be a source of extreme heartache and make it complicated for a family to move forward with the process of planning for the loved one’s funeral. Fortunately, funeral directors Atlantic Highlands are there to provide support and solace after the death of a loved one and can help a family move forward during the first few days following the loss. While they offer a wide array of services, the following are those that are tailored to helping those left behind cope and begin the process of arranging for their funeral.

Burial Or Cremation

The first choice a family has to make is whether they will have their loved one buried or cremated. Ultimately, the choice is up to the family, but many choose to opt for cremation due to the cost savings, and it also provides them with the ability to spread the loved one’s ashes where they want. No matter which route a family chooses, a funeral director will be there to ensure a family’s wishes are respected.

Funeral Arrangements

It can be stressful to arrange for a funeral directly after the death of a loved one. Funeral directors Atlantic Highlands help by assisting a family with locating a venue for the service, and many also can arrange for a member of the clergy to deliver a eulogy. Some families also choose to host a meal after the funeral, and they can help them locate a space to host their friends and family.

Life Insurance Processing

Most individuals have a life insurance policy that is used to help pay for the expenses associated with a funeral. A funeral director can submit the life insurance claim on behalf of the family, and this allows them to take their fee for the service out of the policy before the family receives their check. Dealing with life insurance companies isn’t easy, but a funeral director can assist by submitting a claim on behalf of the family.

Don’t let the process of planning a funeral be more overwhelming than it needs to be. Individuals in the Atlantic Highlands area have been trusting John P. Condon Funeral Home for more than 50 years. They are known for providing compassionate guidance, which can help make dealing with a death easier and less stressful.

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