The United States solar marketplace has grown over 76 percent. Without further ado, here is our top 4 benefits of going solar:

Performance Guaranteed

Manufacturers of solar panels include a twenty- to twenty-five-year warranty (a.k.a. performance guarantee) with all of their solar panels. The field standard guarantees 80 percent performance after twenty-five years. The actual solar panel lifespan is a lot longer – your solar panels likely will produce a good quantity of electricity 30 to 40 years into the future. For more information on our New Jersey Solar Installation contact Green Power Energy at (908) 271-4066.

Save our Environment

All of us know that most homeowners opt to go solar because it’ll make sense from a financial viewpoint. With that being said, all environmental benefits also are worth mentioning.

The United States places 2nd in the world in yearly carbon dioxide emissions at 17.9 percent, directly behind China. You may go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint by substituting utility power using clean electricity from a solar panel.

Average residential solar systems offset around 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide in twenty years – the equivalency of driving an automobile for 100,000 miles.

Develop Energy Independence

The United States relied upon net imports for around 40 percent of the petroleum (petroleum and crude oil products) we used in recent years.

It’s possible to assist in reducing United States dependence upon foreign energy. We inevitably will run out of natural gas, coal, and oil. As we continue our use of these increasingly dangerous and expensive source of energy, our economy and national security suffers.

Solar is a step within the right direction.

It’s Easy

Shopping for solar once was a complicated and long process. There are multitudes of solar companies within the United States alone. It’d take you weeks to locate the best solar deal. Thankfully things have changed.

To become solar never has before been easier. Our staff of independent solar consultants are going to assist you in sorting through your choices. In order to see how much it’s possible to save, and for all additional solar questions, ask for a complimentary consultation. There isn’t any obligation.

For more information on our New Jersey Solar Installation contact Green Power Energy at (908) 271-4066. Follow us on twitter

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