A car takes a chunk off your happy funds. Given the price tag on a new car, it makes sense to go through all the trouble of picking the best one out.  Buying mistakes could get in the way of that, though. Here are a few you’ll want to avoid:

Not doing the test drive

Are you comfortable or do you need more leg or elbow room? Is the height just right for you? How does the car handle corners? Are there any problems? A test drive not only helps you get a feel for the driving experience, making it easier for you to decide whether the car is a good fit for you or not, it also catches potential problems that might point to whether the car is defective or not.

Falling in love with a car

It’s easy to walk into a dealership and find a New Ford Car in Oak Ridge TN that seems perfect for you in every way—except for one thing: price. If the price tag’s too steep for your pocket, shop around some more. It’s never a good idea to go over what you can comfortably afford.

Choosing the wrong car

Buying a big car because you want to use it for your family road trips might not be wise. Instead, get a car that matches your day-to-day needs, says Forbes. You can just rent out a big vehicle for those family trips out of town. That’s a better use of your funds.

Stacking on those extra features

Don’t go for additional features simply because they sound good. Do you really need those leather seats or that sound system? You could save a lot when you buy a New Ford Car in Oak Ridge TN sans the extra bells and whistles especially if you don’t really need them anyway.

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