Neck pain is quite common, affecting approximately 67% of people at some point. However, many people don’t know which habits may cause the pain or what they can do to keep the discomfort from continuing. Here, patients can learn some of the most prevalent causes of Neck Pain in Ferguson.

Sedentary Lifestyles

A lack of exercise can be harmful to the entire body. Physical inactivity can damage the neck because that inactivity inhibits the intervertebral disc’s metabolism, and when the body isn’t moved with regularity, it’s more likely to suffer injury. Avoid this kind of discomfort by walking, running, dancing, swimming, practicing yoga, or getting some other form of exercise. However, beginners should start off slowly to prevent injury to the knees, neck, and spine.

Poor Posture

Neck pain affects many people, and their computers may be part of the issue. In many cases, office chairs don’t support the spine’s natural curvature. Due to a lack of support for the arms and the lower back, those who work office jobs are often found hunched over their desks. This habit can be damaging because it creates a C-shaped curve in the spine and puts additional pressure on the lumbosacral disc and the neck. Workspaces should be ergonomically designed, and workers should change their positions every half hour or so to stimulate blood flow and give the spine a chance for a bit of rest.


Another habit that may cause neck pain is one that many wouldn’t expect. Most people already know that smoking can cause diabetes and lung cancer, but they’re unaware it can cause neck pain as well. Smoking dehydrates the discs in the back, which makes them degenerate faster. This can cause compression or herniated discs, which disrupts the spine’s function. Neck pain is yet another good reason to quit smoking.

Excessive Smartphone Use

Texting isn’t just a strain on the thumbs. When a person looks down at his or her phone, they put a tremendous amount of strain on their neck muscles as well. Limiting screen time and raising devices to eye level are two effective ways to resolve the problem.

These are just some of the causes of Neck Pain in Ferguson. If a patient is experiencing any sort of neck pain and needs advice on changing bad habits, they can visit for more details.

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