A lot of people don’t know the first thing about quilting, aside from wishing that they did. If you want to give it a try, don’t let your hesitations hold you back. Dive into the following tips already.

Get a good machine

Quilting for beginners starts with one thing: you’ll need to get a good sewing machine. Don’t go for the cheapest options you find, though. A good one is going to be worth its weight in gold. You’ll only end up frustrated when you try to work with a machine that keeps breaking down on you.

Go for easy patterns

Yes, going for a challenge is good. Getting out of your comfort zone is a must. But when it comes to quilting patterns, make sure you pick one you can handle. Choose something just a little out of your league and start from there. Don’t go all the way to the heavyweights. The Spruce Crafts offers plenty of good patterns you can use for your very first project.

Shop for what you need

Get the essentials. Shop for fabrics and kits, tools, notions & supplies, and a whole lot of other items you’ll need to get started. Check out sites like Runaway Quilting for new products regularly. You’ll find it easier to finish your projects if you have everything you need.

Get rotary cutter

A pair of scissors won’t be enough, though. While those will come in handy, a rotary cutter will be your new best friend for cutting out strips and squares of fabric. That convenience and ease will make quilting for beginners like you so much more fun. You’ll need to shop around for a self-healing mat right along with your rotary cutter. Otherwise, you’ll start leaving scratches on your table. That’s going to dull the blades prematurely as well.

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