Lobsters are delicious. They’re a definite favorite in many parts of the world. If you’re in the mood for a plate of steamed tails, claws, and heads but you don’t live anywhere near the coast, no worries. Here are useful tips to help you buy live lobster online.

Check out online options

There are plenty of seafood distributors online who sell live lobsters. The trick is to find reputable ones in a pile. Do your homework. That should help you pinpoint which distributors are reliable, and which ones are only out to scam you, or provide you with substandard products.

Read up on the distributor

If you want to buy live lobster online from a seafood distributor that you can trust, then check out the seller’s history and reputation. That should tell a lot about the distributor. The longer the company has been around, though, the better. That’s a good indication that the firm has lasted this long because of the quality of the services and products it provides.

Know which type

What kind of lobster do you want? There are spiny lobsters and Maine lobsters. Spiny lobsters don’t have claws, the Spruce Eats says. If you want claw meat, then Main lobsters are the best option to go for. Also, while spiny lobsters aren’t as rich-tasting as Maine lobsters, they’re also delicious. Find out which type you like by trying out both.

Check terms and conditions

Online shops have different buying terms and conditions. Some sell lobsters by the pound. Others have minimum orders. Some have a wide range of options along with other types of seafood. You’ll want to check those choices out, especially if you want to load up your fridge on other types of seafood. Once you’re done with your shopping list, you can ask for overnight delivery and receive all your orders in no time.

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