You’ve always wanted to be a doctor. To improve the odds in your favor, you’ve done your research and found the best schools that offer MBBS in the USA.

That’s an excellent start.

Once you get in, though, how do you prepare? Here are some tips to help you get ready when you apply to med school:

Be active

Admissions committees consider your extra-curricular experience when they look at your application. What kind of clubs do you belong to? What kind of activities and level of planning are you exposed to through your clubs? That could add some shine to your application.


The best way to prepare is to prepare emotionally. And while you’ll already spend tons of hours reading through your medical textbooks, it would be best to start your education on the right foot. To that effect, scout around for books that will increase your motivation and drive, books that will motivate you to push through when the going gets tough. Go for books that will give you a better understanding of your patients, says The Guardian.


There are plenty of programs you can apply to for volunteer experience. This will earn you more brownie points when you apply to an MBBS program in the USA. It also gives you valuable insight on how to deal with patients, learn your way around the lab and ace through an internship.


Shadowing opportunities expose you to what a doctor or surgeon’s typical day at work is like. This is an excellent opportunity for you. You find out how all those lectures now translate to life-saving situations. It also gives you a better appreciation for mastering your studies and improving your skills.

These are only a few of the things you can do to prepare when you apply to med school. Best of all, don’t forget to have fun. Balance life and school. You’ll be a better person and doctor for it. For more information call Renaissance Education, today at (+91) 98989 17761.

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