Learn how to make your rugs last longer. Remember these tips for rug maintenance and care.

Store Properly

You can change the vibe and ambiance of a room when you switch your rug for a new one. If you go with that plan, though, make sure you store your old rug carefully. Have it sent to a professional cleaning service for oriental rugs in Houston? Once it’s been cleaned and wrapped, put it in a climate-controlled area so it won’t sustain any damage, the Better Homes & Gardens says.

Do your homework

When you look for a cleaning service, make sure you check their expertise and experience. If you have fine Oriental carpets, then those will require special care. Find out if the cleaning service is well-equipped to provide that care before you send your rugs over.

Check the care tag

When you shop around for new oriental rugs in Houston, make sure you keep the care tag intact. Make a copy of the instructions and keep it around for future reference. That way, you’ll know how to properly clean your rugs.

Wash spills

Do you have pets or kids? Then you’ll need to be ready to clean up spills in a moment. If your kids or pets leave stains on the rugs, then clean up the spills right away. Otherwise, the substance could seep into the material of the carpet and leave lasting damage. Prevent that by being quick on your feet enough to take care of spills as soon as they happen and before they settle into the fabric.

Get help

If you use the wrong cleaning solutions or tools, though, or go about it the wrong way, you could end up doing more harm than good. It would be best to send your carpets to cleaning pros to handle the stain and get rid of any odors effectively.

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