Still believe that sugar and chocolate are evil? Here are some dentistry myths from Fox News that really need to go:

* Sugar is the sole cause of tooth decay. It’s not. Plus, it’s not exactly sugar that even causes the reaction. What happens is that when you eat carbohydrates, you release refined sugar in your blood stream. This happens when you eat vegetables, consume fruit in the mistaken belief that juices are healthy, and or survive on oats. Every time you consume any of these, it promotes the growth of acid in your mouth cavity. When these acids meet your saliva, that’s when the plaque formations are born.
* Silver fillings are forever. Again, they are not. So if you’ve got fillings in your mouth and they’ve already started to break down, then get immediate help. Don’t rely on a dentistry myth before you seek out professional help. Given that most silver-colored fillings often contain 52 percent mercury, that’s something you need to get out of your system as soon as possible. As a neurotoxin, mercury could lead to a lot of health problems for you if it’s left unchecked in your system. So make sure you always have your fillings regularly checked and replaced.
* Using mouthwash with alcohol is a good idea. Not really. Since the 1970s, a lot of people have believed that you should wash your mouth with alcohol. However, recent studies suggest that taking mouthwash that contains alcohol actually dehydrates the inside of your mouth, which can potentially lead to more dental problems.
* Wisdom teeth aren’t important. That’s because most people believe these just fall out when the real teeth are ready to appear. However, taking care of your wisdom teeth – when they’re not causing you any problems – can lead to unexpected advantages.
* Chocolate will rot your teeth. Not if you brush your teeth regularly, it doesn’t. So it doesn’t matter – dental-wise – if you eat your way through a pile of chocolate or a whole mountain of candies. Just so long as you remember to brush your teeth soon after. Tooth decay will only set in if you put off brushing your teeth for several hours.

So forget about these myths. If you want to find out about a dental issue or subject, visit your dentist for an expert opinion and facts instead of relying on myths. If you’re in need of dentistry services in Livonia, contact the Levan Dental Group for more details.

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