Planning for your next adventure? Here are top tips on solo female travel destinations you’ll want to visit on your next trip.


If you love the beach and a laid-back pace, then this is perfect for you. Spend your days surrounded by sun, sand and sea, sipping Mai Tai drinks out of coconut shells.


If you love culture and history, you’ll find yourself stepping into that world when you visit Seville. With gorgeous architecture and buildings, it’s the perfect blend of tradition and the modern world. You’ll have plenty to see, and explore in the city, sans many of the tourists that plague major cities like Barcelona.


If you want a bit of soul-searching, then Bali may be the perfect destination for you, the Reader’s Digest says. Aside from the yoga retreat camps, though, the city is also known for being a favorite of water sports enthusiasts. If you’ve ever wanted to paraglide, para-sail and more, then this is the perfect place to be. Warm locals, excellent food and great temples and beaches, you’ll feel like you’re in Paradise. You certainly won’t want for anything more.


If you love shopping, then you can’t miss Bangkok. Home to numerous shopping spots, you’ll have fun scouting around in the local night markets for deals. Don’t forget to plan your trip carefully so you’ll get to spend your weekends in Bangkok, when the famous Jatujak market takes place, from Saturday to Sunday. Eat coconut sherbet ice cream, shop for deals and bring home a ton of souvenirs for everyone back home.


If you love all things cutesy, Japan won’t disappoint. This is the only country we know that has mascots for all of its provinces. With scenic views, fascinating local customs and delicious food, you’ll find yourself coming back for more. This makes for an excellent addition to your list of solo female travel destinations.

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