A Brief History of Davidoff Cigars

by | Nov 17, 2014 | Shopping

Davidoff is a brand that typifies quality and style all over the world. The brand prides itself as makers of men’s perfume, glasses, ties, cognac, briefcases and humidors. However, this company’s most important product is still their fine cigar brand. Setting up a multi-million dollar business in the competitive environment of the 20th century is not an easy feat to accomplish, but they did it. The inspiration comes from the man who lends the company his name, Zino Davidoff.  From it humble beginning, the company has grown from selling top quality cigar to selling products coveted by the rich and famous.

The Man Behind Davidoff Cigars

The story of Zino Davidoff’s life is nothing short of inspirational. He was born in Kiev in 1906 to a Jewish family. Soon after, the entire family left Kiev because of the pogroms aimed against Jewish people. They settled in Geneva, Switzerland and opened a tobacconist shop where Lenin was a frequent customer. After finishing school in 1924, Zino, driven by his passion for tobacco set out on a journey to learn more about the tobacco trade. This journey led him to places like Brazil and Argentina.  It was in Cuba where he found what he is looking for—Cuban cigars.

Returning to Switzerland around 1930, Zino took over the family tobacconist shop. During World War II, because of Switzerland’s neutral stand it, wasn’t affected so much by the fighting that wreaked havoc in other countries in Europe.  Because of this, wealthy tobacco customers flocked to Switzerland to find peace. The modest shop became a prosperous business. In 1947, Zino Davidoff produced his Chateau Selection. This Selection is based on Cuban Hoyo de Montgomery cabinets.

The Rise of Davidoff Cigar

In 1970, Davidoff’s brand caught the attention of Ernst Schneider, a Swiss importer. With Schneider’s help and the cooperation of Cubatabaco, Davidoff’s brand achieved world recognition. Three series of Davidoff Havana were made available. Each one has its own distinct flavor.  Chateau has the fullest flavor and Dom Perignon No. 1, No. 2, and the Ambassadrice had the lightest.  A medium flavored cigar was also available, the Thousand Series.

Unfortunately, in 1990, a dispute between Cubatobaco and Oettinger resulted in the cessation of Davidoff’s production in Havana. Those amazing flavors mentioned in the previous paragraph are no longer available for cigar lovers today. The entire Davidoff production is moved into the Dominican Republic.

Perhaps to leave the past behind, The Davidoff company did not attempt to recreate the flavors of their previous cigars. Instead, they chose to create cigars which will improve the people’s expectations on cigars made in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Davidoff’s are no pushovers when it comes to quality and taste. The Grand Cru range replaced the Chateau offering the richest flavor among all Davidoff Cigars. The other cigars like The No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, and the Ambassadrice are all well-known for being mild. Special heavy girth cigars like Davidoff Special R (Robusto), the Davidoff Special T (Piramides), and the Davidoff Double R (Double Carona) are available for cigar loving pleasure.

Davidoff cigars are well loved by millions of cigar lovers and aficionados. The humble beginning of the company is an inspiration to many individuals who want to chase their dream and live their passion.

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