A Dental Pediatric Specialist in Omaha NE and Concerns About the Effects of Food TV Ads on Children

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Dentistry

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents to keep their children away from TV until they are at least two years old. Certain negative effects are associated with babies and toddlers watching television, including a decreased attention span in daily life and a lack of activity while they passively watch a screen. Pediatricians are concerned about the effects of food commercials on older kids as well, and a dental Pediatric Specialist in Omaha NE understands that concern. Food advertising targeted at children tends to focus on junk food and sweet items. Some of those sweet foods are generally thought of as healthy substances, such as commercial cereal products, fruit drinks, and even pure fruit juice. However, they can lead to unhealthy weight gain as well as tooth decay.

Parents can supervise kids in the morning to make sure they brush their teeth after eating sweet cereals and drinking juice or juice drinks. However, children and teenagers who snack on sweet substances throughout the day are at significant risk of developing cavities. It’s natural for young persons to be attracted to sweet snack foods whether or not they watch TV. Nevertheless, television advertising can have profound effects on the choices that people make, and it can be especially influential on children and teens who are still in the relatively early stage of developing food preferences.

A dental Pediatric Specialist in Omaha NE would just as soon see the patients avoiding sweet junk food altogether, and limiting their intake of sugary cereals and items such as sticky fruit-flavored snacks. Even though youngsters get some vitamins and other nutrients from fruit drinks, it’s better for them to drink pure fruit juice. Yet even fruit juice can cause problems if kids sip on it all day long since the natural sugars in the juice are continuously in the mouth. A dentist such as George M. Rakes advises children to drink a glass or box of juice at one time instead of sipping juice for hours, and to rinse the mouth with water afterward. More information on this particular dentist is available at the website .

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