Accidents can happen on the road at any time and for any reason. Most of the time, they’re caused by someone not paying attention or not following the laws for driving. When an accident occurs, the officers who respond will determine who caused the accident and why. If they believe the accident was caused because a person was drinking and driving, the person could be arrested and charged with a DUI.

Charges Stemming from an Accident

The person who is arrested may be facing more charges than just a DUI. For instance, they might receive a ticket for causing an accident on top of the arrest or they could be charged with manslaughter if someone was killed because of the accident. They will need to make sure they hire a DUI Attorney in Yorkville IL to help protect their rights during this time and to ensure they receive a fair trial for any charges they might be facing.

Even if they are not facing additional charges for the accident, they are likely facing more severe penalties because they caused an accident. Additionally, judges are more likely to give them the maximum sentence if an accident resulted from a DUI. They will need a lawyer to help them avoid this if it’s possible.

The Impact of a Conviction on a Civil Case

The victims of the accident may sue the driver for medical costs, vehicle repair costs, lost wages, and other expenses from the accident. This is separate from the criminal charges they’re facing, but the outcome of the criminal case can impact the civil case. The civil case will not impact the criminal case as the burden of proof is lower for a civil case. However, if they are convicted of a DUI, this could make it more likely they’ll lose the civil case since the conviction can be used as proof in the civil case.

Anyone who has caused an accident and been arrested and charged with a DUI as a result will want to make sure they contact a DUI Attorney in Yorkville IL quickly for help. The lawyer can explain what is happening, what their options are, and what the likelihood is of them being convicted for the DUI. If you need a lawyer to help you fight DUI charges, contact The Cosentino Law Firm LLC or visit them online now.

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