One of the iconic dishes in Boston is seafood. Whether you’re avoiding red meat or you want to explore other meats, lobster, shrimp, salmon and fish make for delicious tradeoffs or additions to add to your diet. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor for food at a Boston restaurant. Here are a couple of ways these four seafood dishes can be served.

Served Up with Steam

Steaming meals is a great way to prepare food. Boiling water vaporizes into steam and the heat is transferred to the food, cooking it until it’s just right. A bonus of steamed foods is they’re easy to digest and keep the taste intact.

Take for example the Boston food staple, steamed lobster. Upon steaming it to the point it’s beyond a raw state and ready to eat, this cooking technique will preserve nutrients, flavor and taste.

Freshly Baked or Broiled

The same way you can enjoy steamed lobster, shrimp, salmon and fish, there’s also the preparation of baking or broiling. When seafood is baked, it’s placed in an oven and the natural flavors are strong until everything settles. Baking requires less time than steaming or broiling.

Broiling is the careful cooking process with the use of high heat. Simply turn on the broil setting in the oven and cook at a high temperature for the best results. Through the hot temperature, the food cooks until it’s well done. Unlike the steamed lobster, this dish relies on air temperature to cook, rather than water temperature.

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