In Georgia, temperatures may range from below zero in the winter to over 100 degrees in the summer.
Outdoor air quality also makes a living in the state uncomfortable at times. The area has muggy summers that reach an oppressive level of humidity on at least 22 percent of the days between May and October. You want your HVAC system in Forest Park to keep your indoor temperature to about 75 degrees in the summer and 72 degrees in the winter, as well as regulate the humidity levels. The investment you make in a well-maintained air conditioning, ventilation, and heating unit promotes your family’s health and protects your home.

Why Are HVAC Systems Necessary?

Adequate indoor temperature control ensures the safety of elderly household members who dehydrate easily and who cannot regulate internal body temperature well. Healthy indoor air hovers around 45 percent relative humidity, and low humidity increases static electricity, endangering electronic equipment and producing shocks. Wood furniture and doors can also deteriorate in low humidity. High humidity, on the other hand, promotes mold and bacteria growth. The filtering and ventilation components of an HVAC system further manage indoor air quality, reducing irritants that make your family sick.

What Credentials Should HVAC Professionals Have?

If you value a reliable HVAC system in Forest Park that protects your home and family, carefully check the credentials of the people who install and service your unit. HVAC professionals should follow standards set out in the Uniform Mechanical Code and the International Mechanical Code. These codes change every three years, reflecting the latest in scientific research and technology. Before they even enter your home, HVAC technicians usually earn an associate degree in the subject and apply for a local license that holds them responsible for following local and state building codes. Don’t hesitate to call your local HVAC company and ask if its technicians are educated, licensed, bonded and insured.

For your family’s maximum comfort and safety, work with a company that you trust to manage your HVAC system in Forest Park. Visit the website for more information.

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