There are all kinds of decisions to be made when it comes to prototype manufacturing. However, the two most important decisions to make when creating a prototype are the kind of prototype you’ll need and what kind company you should use. Typically, there are three main kinds of prototypes that are utilized in this type of manufacturing – visual, presentation and proof-of-concept. Each of these prototypes helps convey a specific message to your company’s intended audience.

Visual Prototype and Proof-of-Concept Prototype
A visual prototype essentially is what an inventor would want to create to showcase the products intended design, shape and dimension. Beyond those three components, visual prototype manufacturing is more of a 3D rough sketch and is not the final product that will be distributed to consumers or clients. Visual prototypes, since they have no working parts, can be manufactured quickly and with raw materials – if necessary. Prototype manufacturing for a proof-of-concept project, on the other hand, does involve working parts. With this particular prototype, the goal is to demonstrate the product’s functionality. In showcasing the product’s inner working, it necessary for final product components or production grade materials to be used. However, if cost is an issue, other materials such as off-the-shelf components can be used to keep the manufacturing cost low.

Presentation Prototype
Presentation prototypes differ from both visual prototypes and proof-of-cope prototypes, because presentation prototypes typically are almost finished products. In other words, presentation manufacturing with a prototype is a way to demonstrate a product’s functionality as well as design before mass manufacturing of the actual product. In this case, the prototype can still use raw materials and off-the-shelf components in the interest of saving money.

Choose the Right Company
So once you company has decided on the exact kind of prototype, the second and final step in is to choose a reputable company that has extensive experience in this type of manufacturing. There is variety of design and manufacturing companies from which to choose. However, to ensure the highest quality prototype, finding a company that offers a competitive edge design concept and an efficient production process should be your company’s top priority.

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