Have you ever wondered if there’s a difference between a transmission overhaul and a transmission rebuild? The short answer is no. These terms are used interchangeably and refer to the act of taking apart a transmission and building it again from the beginning. This most often involves replacing most of the parts within to bring it back into working order. We’ll explain more in this short guide.

Requirements for a Rebuild

Now that you know these two terms are describing the same thing, we can look into how the process works. Whenever an automatic transmission is rebuilt, it requires the use of automatic transmission kits. These kits include all the major replacement parts needed for the overhaul.

Depending on the kit, they may or may not include small items like seals, bands, clutches, steels, O-rings, gaskets, filters, modulators, washers, and bushing. The automotive technician will choose the right kit depending on the vehicle’s needs.

The technician will remove the transmission from the vehicle, first, which allows them to take it apart. After this is taken apart, most of the parts will be replaced. This might include the following:

  • Each part is disassembled before being cleaned.
  • All bands and clutch plates will be replaced.
  • Any gaskets, sealing rings, and seals will be replaced.
  • Solenoids will be either cleaned and tested or replaced.

Cost of a Transmission Rebuild

While many automatic transmission kits are not overly expensive, the labor can be fairly intensive. The actual price will depend on your model and make of vehicle, cost of parts, and type of transmission. What is more expensive will be the labor costs, since the mechanic is required to remove the transmission, take it completely apart, replace many parts, and then reassemble it all again.

Time to Rebuild a Transmission

Most people require their vehicles again in working order quickly, and this can be done, but the process is lengthier than a small repair. You can expect for it to take anywhere from a single day to three or four. You will need to speak with your local mechanic to determine the specifics with your repair.

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