Moving industrial-sized equipment takes effort and care that many other kinds of moving jobs don’t require. The size, weight and dimensions of the piece of equipment are all important factors in determining the best way to safely and effectively move it from one location to another. A company that specializes in providing or even constructing the right Crate or Pallet in Fort Worth is an invaluable resource for companies or warehouses that must move or store lots of heavy equipment.

Why are pallets useful?

Pallets are an excellent way for companies to move heavy, cumbersome or expensive loads from their manufacturing source to a customer or between locations. Since pallets have the flat, unbroken surfaces required to transport equipment, the chances of damage during the moving process is much lower. Most pallets, as well as crates, are a standardized size to make movement through doors and other openings possible. Forklifts and pallet jacks make moving the loads much quicker and efficient as well.

What kinds of materials are used?

Most pallets are made of wood, although today other materials may be used such as plastic, aluminum or even paper. The most inexpensive wood pallets are usually manufactured of softwoods like pine or spruce. These typically are good for only a few uses at best. Harder woods, such as maple or oak, are made to lift from each side to better support the load they carry, compared to typical pallets moved by lifting it from the bottom. Steel and aluminum pallets are designed to stand up to weathering and to hold tall or heavy loads well. Paper pallets have become popular recently thanks to their recycling capabilities.

Can pallets be made to order?

Some companies sell pallets, and crates as well, already made to specific dimensions. Many companies, however, must meet specific government or military specifications concerning the loads that they have to transport. A company like Crate Master in Texas is prepared to construct a Pallet in Fort Worth or a Crate in Dallas that meets a customer’s exact requirements. Crating and packing service have been Crate Master’s focus since it went into business more than 20 years ago. A company that needs transportation or storage crates and pallets can call on Crate Master to have the right product constructed for its needs.

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