Becoming a citizen of the United States is the goal of many immigrants living here. It can be quite challenging for someone born in another country to achieve this goal, but it is possible with plenty of preparation and the help of an experienced attorney. The process surrounding naturalization involves many steps and requirements for success, and many people become confused or overwhelmed during the application process. A naturalization attorney in Nashville, TN can help clients determine if they are eligible for naturalization and assist with ensuring the process goes smoothly.

To be eligible for naturalization in the United States, an applicant must meet several qualifications and requirements. These requirements are strict and must be met for any chance of success. Just because people meet these requirements doesn’t mean they will be successful at their attempt for naturalization. Small mistakes or missing information in an application can lead to a rejection. A naturalization attorney in Nashville, TN will help clients ensure they meet the requirements and fulfill all necessary paperwork filings or other needs. To become a naturalized citizen, applicants must:

1. Accurately complete and file the application for naturalization- The Form N-400 is the standard application for citizenship, and it is very detailed and challenging to complete properly. An immigration lawyer will make sure it is filled out correctly and filed appropriately for the best chances of success. As any minor error or omission could result in a denied application, it is wise to leave this task to experienced professionals.

2. Fulfill residency requirements-  Most people must have lived in the United States for five years or longer when applying for citizenship, but those who are married to a citizen only have to reside in the country for three years. In addition, children of citizens are often eligible for naturalization as well. Those who provide military support to the U.S. may also be exempt from these requirements.

When attempting to become a naturalized citizen of the U.S., it is wise to hire an immigration attorney from for help. The path to naturalization is challenging and can be difficult for those who aren’t experienced at the process. A naturalization attorney in Nashville, TN provides much-needed guidance and support for those beginning this process.

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