The roofing industry has developed new roofing materials since the days when asphalt shingles were the only option. There are new roofing materials for low slope roofs and conventional to steep slope roofs. Each material is designed to protect the underlayment and, thus, the house. Some of these materials simulate once popular materials which fell out of demand because of the cost, however, the simulated roofing material is far less costly.


Low slope roofs open up more style options. You can install a water proof membrane like the products used on flat roofs or you can install various types of metal roofing. There are metal panels that some low slope applications can utilize as well. Asphalt composite shingles are another choice.

Conventional and steep slope roofs open up a larger selection of styles. These roofing materials are readily available:

* A variety or materials ranging from metal, clay or concrete tiles, asphalt composite shingles, synthetic shakes or slate, wood shakes, even real slate roofing are all available. The metal roofs are very durable and their interlocking feature prevents rain from entering onto the underlayment. The synthetic materials make an attractive roof and are very good at preventing water from entering. These products are far less costly than the natural material. Synthetic wood shakes make an attractive roof design, and real slate roofing is a beautiful roof and a very durable roof. The

* New Roof San Antonio

* can provide technical details.

Each of these materials have durability features, but they last for different periods of time. The metal roof can last for up to 50 years and the other materials can last from 10 years to 40 years. The durability feature is the period of time the roof will last and prevent water from entering the home. The New Roof in San Antonio can provide specs on the durability features.

The synthetic roofing materials are manufactured with the latest technology and the material is the latest design in roof protection features. Roofs made of these materials offer durability and an attractive appearance. These materials can simulate the environment of years ago while looking new and lasting longer. See for more information.

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